about us

Welcome to Novak Creative Firm. 

Here, we're all about helping you focus your branding into who you really are. That means we get the chance to know you and discover all the incredible qualities you bring to the table. Of course, it's our job to look at all those pieces on the table and see how we can translate and develop them into a logo, website, words, or a branding strategy that showcases who you are.

Our goal is to craft and execute ideas that make your business entity shine brighter. We believe in the beauty of excellent design and the magic of captivating copy. And, it’s our pleasure to journey with you and your business as we make creative vision into a reality.


Who We Are

Tyler and Shannon Novak are the people behind Novak Creative Firm. Based out of San Diego, CA, they both have a shared love for creativity and vision. With Tyler as the designer and Shannon as the writer, they enjoy using their skills to make brands of all shapes and sizes shine.

Tyler has over a decade of experience in design, art direction, and strategy. Shannon holds a Bachelors degree in English and has professional experience in writing and editing marketing campaigns, web copy, magazine articles, as well as creative writing. 


Some of Our Clients: