Why Your Branding Matters

    Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, the qualities that make up your company are important. You know all of the incredible characteristics of your business, but the magic of connecting with others doesn’t happen until they know those qualities as well. 

    That’s why branding is so important for every business—big or small. Branding ensures that others know who you are. Quick access tools like your website and social media are the highway for others to get to know your business which means your first impression may be your only impression. The brand of your company needs to speak for you from the first time someone lands on your webpage or glimpses an instagram post.

    At Novak Creative we believe in honesty. People should know who you are—who your business is—and they should get that from the first impression. While you and your mission make up the identity of your business—the vision, the design, and the copy communicates that identity. We want to know who you are—the real you. We want to explore who your company is, what you do, and the purpose behind it all. Then we can take that knowledge and translate it into a brand that communicates that identity clearly. So when people meet your company for the first time, the first impression is exactly what it should be—real, honest, and completely you. 

Our Process: 

Interview: We get the chance to know you and your business or project. Tell us who you are and your goals.

Discovery: Its time to dive into the concept stage of the project. This is where we dream, sketch, and forge a plan of action that best helps your business or project.

Development: During development we will show you our progress at specific review points for your peace of mind. 

Delivery: This is the moment we have been waiting for. Whether a one time project or an ongoing goal, we continue to hone the project through to completion.  

Shannon Novak